Oasis of humanity

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Living the Dream - Oasis of humanity

Whenever people live together for each other and be active ... then created a small oasis of humanity.

On the website oasis of humanity will work with you to create a new world view.

For though in small forums "4 minutes" and "Living the Dream" or the new forum at XING "Living the Dream"
WE will jointly create a new atmosphere in the small is incurred.

And the more people create these little oases and be linked,
the greater our chance will later only
to need an oasis of humanity,
The oasis of humanity called EARTH.

Each individual is important

  • as man
    • with his thinking and action for "a better future for all"
    • including its priorities and interests
    • with his willingness to listen to others to rethink ideas and incorporate them into their own ideas and activities
  • as a multiplier
    • for more humanity
    • in the spirit of friendly cooperation
    • in dealing with all that lives here on Earth

Watch this platform as a neutral ground for lush growth of very different plants.

And if all plants are observed and maintained, envy, greed and obsession with power will not do any real damage.

Oasis of humanity - by me, by you, for us

And if you want to know how it feels when we act together, then read the "dream of the 10"